Mango Avocado Fish Tacos




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Fish Tacos

113g Woolwich Dairy CHEVRAI Original Goat Cheese Crumbles

1lb fresh fish of your preference

4 small corn tortilla wraps

Sriracha sauce

salt and pepper



2 mangoes, chopped

2 avocados, chopped

¼ cup red onion, finely chopped

¼ cup roasted red pepper, chopped

juice of one fresh lime

handful fresh cilantro, chopped

salt and pepper​

  1. Cook the fish fillet, sprinkled in Sriracha sauce, salt and pepper, in a little olive oil over medium heat. 
  2. While the fish cooks, stir together salsa ingredients.
  3. Remove fish from heat and slice into strips.
  4. Distribute fish strips evenly into the tortillas, and generously top with salsa, goat cheese and for some extra heat, more Sriracha sauce. Serve immediately… every Taco Tuesday!

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